So far as not stated otherwise hereafter, the following general terms and conditions shall apply to all activities of the Van der Helm Group, including its subsidiaries. They can be downloaded here as a PDF file:

VDH Overeenkomst Algemene Voorwaarden 2024 NL

Datum: 01.02.2024

Sprache: Niederländisch

VDH Agreement
Terms & Conditions 2024 ENG

Datum: 01.02.2024

Sprache: Englisch

The following entities are subsidiaries of the Van der Helm Group:

Van der Helm Road Transport BV – KvK 27224443
Van der Helm Fulfilment Den Hoorn BV  – KvK 24266351
Van der Helm Fulfilment Moerdijk BV – KvK 27224441
G.C. van der Helm B.V. – KvK 27205903
Van der Helm Air & Ocean Rotterdam BV – KvK 24314785
Van der Helm Customs Services BV – KvK 24188924
Van der Helm Air & Ocean Amsterdam  BV – KvK 81576471

The conditions for each activity (logistics, domestic and cross-border road transport and freight forwarding (including customs- and fiscal services) apply to your company during the term of the agreed cooperation, as described below.

Logistics All our logistics activities are subject to the Logistic Services Conditions (LSV) 2014, including arbitration clause, as filed by FENEX and TLN with the Registry of the District Court of Rotterdam.

Domestic and cross-border road transport
Pursuant to article 2 paragraph 3 LSC, in addition to the LSC, the General Transport Conditions (AVC) apply to domestic transport. To cross-border road transport, in addition to the above-mentioned LSC and AVC, the CMR applies.

As stated in Article 2 paragraphs 4 and 5 LSV, the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, including the arbitration clause, latest version - as filed by FENEX at the Registry(s) of the District Courts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, shall apply to forwarding activities (including arranging transport + customs- and fiscal services).

Disputes which are not covered by the arbitration clause and arising from or related to (the) agreement(s) concluded between the parties, will be settled by the competent court in Rotterdam. Dutch Law applies to all activities carried out.